Arborvitaes Are Being Attacked By Aphids Or Scales

Question From: J. Druda - Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Q: My arborvitaes are being attacked by aphids or scales. The insects are the size of a pin head and are soft bodied and the foliage is covered with plant sap. Last summer, the trees were attacked with what appeared to be hard crusted scales. What can I do to treat this problem ? If you can assist me with this problem, it would be appreciated ASAP.

A: Take samples of the insects to your local garden center for an accurate ID and best method of control. If the arbs are tall you will be best served to have them professionally treated. Home sprayers are usually unable to provide the type of coverage needed. If you do the job yourself be sure to get the undersides of the branches. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy