Are Bur Oak Trees OK In Clay Soil And How Close Can They Be To Bluepoint Juniper

Question From: Buda, Texas, United States
Q: Hello How far apart can I put a young Bluepoint Juniper in relation to a young bur oak? #2. Just planted 3 young Bur Oaks and a Chinquapin Oak and it has rained heavily for 3 days...we have thick clay soil. I am worried about them drowning? What do you think? Thank You

A: Your Bur Oaks with get to be 60 to 70 feet tall and produce lots of shade, Blue Point Junipers do no tolerate shade. While the trees are still easy to move, Google these trees for sizes and cultural needs then do the math. I garden in heavy clay and oaks live there. Drainage is the key. The Chinquapin Oak will not tolerate wet feet. I would have a professional - a certified arborist, assess your planting spaces before doing any more planting. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy