Asian Pear Tree Has Lots Of Flies And Fruit Turns Black And Falls Off

Question From: J. Reardon - Beloit, Kansas, United States
Q: We live in north central Kansas and have a full sized asian pear on our property. The last two years we have had a total loss of fruit off this tree due to flies. They usually appear around Labor Day, we notice the tree is covered with flies and the pears turning black and falling off. Any idea of how to treat this problem?

A: Jeff, there are a number of insects that attack the fruit. Maggots feed on the fruit and damage it opening it to disease. The maggots hatch into the flies you see feeding on the fruit. To sort out the issues and determine timing of treatment, which often must be done done early in the season, I suggest you contact the horticulture extension office of Kansan State University. Here is the contact info. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please call your local County Extension Office. Contact information for your county can be found at Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy