Baby Hemlock Tree Needles Are Brown And Falling

Question From: P. Wilkolaski - Akron, New York, United States
Q: we purchased 200 baby hemlock trees and the company sent them to us about 4-6 weeks ago, each snug in there own plastic container. we kept the roots moist as directed, but were no where close to planting as per snow and ice still happening. when it warmed up we temporarily planted them (outside a week ago) in a peat and soil mixture as directed by the company. the weather is now warming 55-60 and all prep work is done, but the needles are now brown and falling. what can we do and are they dead?

A: It does not sound good. You need to contact the company. If you reorder next year give them a delivery date. Going from a plastic bag in the dark to full exposure in the ground may have done them in. Only time will tell. Best Nancy