Barberry Shrub Lost All Leaves Overnight And How To Remove Voles And Moles

Question From: VIRGINIA
Q: I have a Barberry shrub. I just planted it about one month ago & it was doing great. Then, one day it had leaves & the next it was bare branches. Just over night. What happened? Last year that happened to my impatients & they had some new fungus/virus. This bush is in the same area & I also have problems with voles eating the roots off of everything. But the Barberry bush seems solid in the ground. Also any ideas to get rid of ground moles & voles would be appreciated. I have dogs so I would not want to use poison. Thank you.

A: Sudden death is unusual. Could be a combination of things - newly planted shrubs need to be watered regularly if it does not rain. In hot weather that could be daily. The best way to get rid of voles is to trap them using peanut butter. Put the traps in boxes with holes so the dogs don't get at them. Moles can be trapped using spring traps. Check out the Yardener's Tool Shed. The death of your impatiens has no effect on the Barberry. Impatiens downy mildew is plant specific to Impatiens walleriana. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy