Basil Stems Turn Black And Leaves Get Black Spots And Can Parsley Be Planted With Basil

Question From: D. Hebda - NORTH CAROLINA
Q: I live in NC. summers are VERY hot (my porch gets sun all day). I have been growing basil, but last 2 years I have had problems with stems becoming black starting at soil and moving up. Leaves are also getting black spots. I am mulching with straw and mulch from garden so plant drains well. I am not sure if I'm watering tooo much. Any thoughts? THX Also, can parsley and basil be planted together in a pot?


Your basil has a fungal disease. I suggest you grow it in a pot using fresh soil and setting it in an area that gets shade in the heat of the afternoon. Parsley and basil make good pot mates. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy