Bee Balm Plant Has Brown Areas With Deteriorating Leaves

Question From: CALIFORNIA
Q: I have a new Bee Balm Plant, I am so into the love of Humming birds & I knew these little birds are attracted to the plant. My question is the plant has developed brown areas on the leaves one branch is deteriorating. the weather in S. California has been extremely cold. I am wondering could this be the culprit ? ( My location is Anaheim ) I would be SO GRATEFUL if you could offer some advice. Thank you so much.......Joany D

A: I suggest you take photos of the damage and some leaves to a good independent nursery or garden center for an ID. In Michigan plants turn black when a killing frost arrives. Also Google photos of diseases that attack Monarda, aka Bee Balm and see if you can find a match. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy