Best Fungicide For Tomato

Question From: GEORGIA
Q: What is the best fungicide for tomato ? Middle Georgia has a large problem with about every fungus known.


Ken I use a product called ACTINOVATE. Begin by doing a soil drench when the soil reaches 50 degrees. I use one of those instant read meat themometers that you can buy at the grocery store. Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: Nancy you recommended Actinovate. Is this applied to roots each time if so how often?What retailer sell this product,my nurseries,wal-mart,home depot & lowes have never heard of this product in Macon GA.


Ken, you can buy Actinovate on the internet here: Also many seed catalogs sell it. Begin by using it as a soil drench. The Temperature of the soil needs to be 50 degrees. Then spray the plants every 10 days. A $10 should treat 200 plants one time. The $20 packet will treat 500. It does have a shelf live so don't plan on stocking up on it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.