Best Shade Tree Replacement For Willow

Question From: r. pethan - Little Chute, Wisconsin, United States
Q: I am having my 35-foot willow tree cut down. This tree provides a ton of shade for my patio. What is a fast-growing shade tree that will provide some instant shade 15-20 feet high right away i intend to plant. Also if i had a local nursury plant the tree what would i expect to pay ?$1200.00 plus ? cost of tree $500.00 ?

A: I can't answer those questions Ray. You need to do your homework in your own back yard. Check to see what's available in the size you want. What will grow well in your soil. Get the advice of local arborists as to what trees do well and do not have disease or pest issues. Also get recommendations regarding nurseries. It takes skill to plant large trees successfully. The cheapest price may not be the best deal. To find arborists in your area go to and enter your zip code. Good Luck. Nancy