Better Tomato Varieties For Growing In Containers

Question From: S. Shaw - Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
Q: Nancy, thank you for all the knowledge you have shared over the years we have followed you! I now garden in containers & tomatoes are not doing well. Cherry type are great but full sized not so much. Have tried several heirlooms(Cherokee, Brandywine, etc.) and hybrids(Big Boy, Better Boy, etc.) but if they don't get blossom end rot, they have yellow shoulders. Heirlooms only produce a very few tomatoes. I use large pots and fresh potting soil every year, and they are in full sun. What can you suggest for a type that is tasty and will actually produce tomatoes? Is their a variety I can try that will be more bullet-proof? Thanks in advance! Susan

A: This was not a good year for full size tomatoes. Too cold and too wet. Growing in containers is hard because of water issues. My Burpee 4th of July. the size of golf balls came through for me and I grew them in Gro Bags. I would try early - short season varieties, such as Early Girls. There are many new varieties for containers. Your best bet is putting in a drip watering system. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy