Big Leaf Periwinkle Is Discoloring And Withering

Question From: V. Haynes - TEXAS
Q: Hi. I ’m in zone 8b TX I have what I think is a big leaf periwinkle that’s been growing in the same spot for years. It has seen some pretty tough summers, but now iit is withering in an odd way. As if something was thrown across it. In line Kinda but but it’s spreading randomly over it ( I water every morning it’s in the shade Most of day AM sun ) yes It is very Hot 98-100 most days I’m anxious To find out what you think Thanks so much for you time. Vicki
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A: Looks to me like a fungal disease. Take the photos and samples of leaves in a baggie to your local nursery or garden center for an accurate ID and control. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy