Black Dimond Crepe Myrtles Dark Leaves And Black Fungus Issue

Q: HI, Nancy - last year I planted 2 Black Dimond Crepe Myrtles, they are only about 6.5/7' tall now. They got a bad case of Blight, trunk turned dark and leaves were covered in that black fungus. I tried fungicides and Neem oil, but still by late summer most all leaves covered and the black fungus worked its way up to the smaller branches. I have used a brush, light soap and scrubbed the trunk and as many small branches as possible, but the smaller branches are to hard to scrub. Do I use a light pressure wash on the small branches or cut them off, or destroy the trees, what would you do? Thanks, Kevin

A: Kevin, Contact your county extension for advice. Call your city office for a phone number, Also take a close up photos of the damage to the nursery or garden center where you bought them. You ask what I would do. I'd get an expert opinion from a certified arborist ASAP. Here's the bio of the pro who checked our trees. Kay Sicheneder from Best Nancy and Happy Yardening. Hope this helps