Black Eyed Susan Dying Back And Clematis Leaves Turning Brown

Question From: r. haralson - OHIO
Q: I have 2 questions that may be related. i have a well established black eyed susan that came up fine. It is starting to die back which is normal. What I am seeing which I never noticed before...some of the flowers have a few yellow full size petals along with very small medium green petals. the center is black as it should be. The plant is approximately 4 feet x 3 feet wide. A clymentis is on a fence right next to the black eyed susan. This plant is also well established. However, I noticed that the tips of the leaves have turned a brownish color as if it is drying out but the leaves do not feel brittle. I've never had a problem with either of these plants in the past.


Water, water, water -when leaves turn brown and crispy, its usually a lack of water. Heat and drought have taken their toll this summer. Happy Yardening, Nancy