Black Gum Tree Leaves Have Raised Bumps

Question From: K. O'Connor - Clarence, New York, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, I have a Back Gum tree that I planted 2 summers ago. It has small raised bumps on a majority of it's leaves but from afar-20ft away the tree looks fine. I don't believe it's lost any leaves and they're a nice green. A woman I spoke to at the nursery where I purchased the tree believes it to be blister mites. Do you have any recommendations regarding a treatment(if necessary) and will this tree always have this problem each year?

A: The bumps are called galls and are caused by blister mites. They do not harm the tree, and at this point there is no way to treat for them anyway. In my area they tend to come and go from year to year. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy