Blaze Climbing Rose Cane Is Turning Yellow And Leaflets Are Dry

Question From: M. van der Wal - CALIFORNIA
Q: Hi Nancy, I planted a 'Blaze' climbing rose in March 2019 in the ground. I amended the soil with Amend and worm castings and once added Miracle Grow to the water. I water with a gallon jug 2x week. I just noticed one of the canes is turning yellow and the leaflets look dry and dead. Other canes look healthy. What can I do? If the cane dies, should I cut it off at the base? I live I Los Angeles, zone 9B and plant is south facing.

A: Sounds like lack of water. In hot weather you may need to water daily. The soil needs to be kept moist. You can cut back the dead canes without hurting the plant. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy