Blue Spruce Needles Turn Reddish

Question From: L. Gaul - MICHIGAN
Q: Just saw your column in the Detroit News about Blue Spruces getting diseases that turn needles reddish. Our regular spruces had this really bad two years ago, last year they were pretty good. However we went to Bordines and we were ready to cut them all down because they said very hard to treat (and expensive) and not a very good success rate. I believe they recommended a fungacide and saved most. We left them and the remaining seem to be doing well. Off hand cannot remember exactly what disease they said they had or what chemical we used. We were told wet cool weather and trees being close together were some of the reasons. Is there a product you recommend to treat the trees? These trees are up in Ogemaw county and we have too many to have a tree company come in. Thanks for any help you can offer. Linda


Well cold wet weather is not the issue, Linda. These trees originated in the mountains of Colorado. Hot dry weather is the big problem. I cannot recommend a fungicide for them, so I would call Bordines or better yet contact the horticulture agent at your county Michigan State University Extension. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy