Blue Spruce Trees Have Dead Branches And Are Thinning Out

Question From: G. Widmar - Elmhurst, Illinois, United States
Q: I have about 10 each 50 foot blue spruce pine trees that just do not seem healthy. They continually develop dead branches and overall seem to thinning out and not thickening. There are many other similar trees in our town that look much healthier. Should I be fertilizing these and if so with what and how often. I have always followed the recommended process of mulching around the trees and having them trimmed.

A: George, You have a very large investment in these trees. Fertilizer will probably not help them. I urge you to have a trained professional, a certified arborist, do an onsite inspection ASAP. It would cost you a lot of money to remove and replace them, so don't gamble on a guess from anyone who has not looked at the trees. To find professionals in your area go to Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy