Bottom Layers Of Creeping Juniper Branches Appear Dead

Question From: k. pham - WASHINGTON
Q: Our creeping junipers grows from the edge of our deck and hangs off the rock wall. They are full grown and had not been a problem until this past year. when I lifted up the branches, the top 10 inches of the branch are green and the rest of the bottom of the branches are brown and some are rotting. especially the bottom layers of the branches. Looks like some are dead on the bottom layers. could this be a fungus problem? How do I take care of the plants or resolve this problem? Also what's the best way to prune them now? Thanks very much for your help. How do I prune the juniper or take care of this problem?

A: Without seeing the shrubs I cannot advise you. I recommend you take pictures and show them to the shrub and landcape manager at you local independent garden center. The parts of the branches that are shaded from the sun and interior parts of branches will loose their needles. If you cut below the green the needles will not regrow. That's why it's a good idea to prune and shape the shrubs yearly in late winter or early spring before they put on new growth. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.