Bottom Leaves Of Spider Plants Are Getting Brown Edges And Dying Off

Question From: L. Evans - Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Q: My Spider Plants are kept in my bedroom which stays around 17 Celsius and i should have cut down my watering for winter but i think i left it too long and i think i may have over-watered it. The bottom leaves are getting brown edges and dying off and even the newish leaves are not looking too great. Do you think i have over-watered them? what do you recommend i do? Thanks in Advance

A: Lewis, Stick your finger in the soil as far as you can and check the moisture level of the soil. If the soil is sodden you have over watered. You can repot it in moist potting soil ( 4 parts potting soil to 1 part water ) and let it rest for a few days. You can get a Luster Leaf moisture meter in the plant department of a garden center. It will take the mystery out of when to water. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.