Boxwood Leaves Turning Brown And Have Little Flying Insects

Question From: M. Pengh - PENNSYLVANIA
Q: Dear Nancy, my wife and I planted some boxwoods 4 years ago and this year we are having some trouble with them that we haven't experienced before. We live in the woods in eastern PA. About 3-4 months ago we noticed the leaves were turning brown. But then about a month ago we noticed little clusters of new growth, kind of like pods of new leaves, so we thought maybe it would be okay. Now, we noticed lots of little flying insects and many of the leaves have a white squiggly line, kind of like insect poops, all over the boxwoods. Any ideas on what could be causing this. The plants look healthy but we're slightly concerned it could be fatal to the bushes.

A: Sounds like boxwood leaf minor. You might try a systemic pesticide such as Bonide Tree and Shrub Insect control which should take care of the pest with a single application that will last all season. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.