Burr Oak Leaves Are Beginning To Yellow Will Jobes Spikes Help

Question From: Boyd, Texas, United States
Q: I bought a small property on the west fork of the Trinity River in north central Texas. The property is undeveloped and due to the river is heavily treed. One of the species that we have are Burr Oak trees. The oldest of these are along the river bank and are at least 150 feet tall. Just by looking at the wounds/ broken branches that have knotted up all over them, I would guess that they are as old as they are tall. A couple of these trees seem to have leaves that are beginning to yellow. We are still in the 100 degree phase of summer and wouldn't seem to be late enough for fall foliage. A guy I use to help trim trees suggested Jobe's tree spikes for the largest ( 3 to 5 ) trees. But my limited research online isn't so supportive of these because of the large number needed for large mature trees. I have many other Burr Oaks and other Oaks away from the river that are in great shape but would hate to lose these magnificent oaks. Any suggestion?

A: Roger, Bless you for caring about this old codger. You're right about the Jobe's spikes. I suggest you have those trees inspected by a certified abortist from the area. He/she will be able to access the soil and other conditions in which the tress are living and give you an accurate assessment as to their condition and how to treat them. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.