Can A True Green Chinese Elm Tree Be Trained To Remain Small

Question From: C. Feick - CALIFORNIA
Q: I'm getting conflicting information about the ability of an expert tree trimmer to train a young True Green Chinese Elm to stay relatively small, ie., 30' tall by corresponding width. One trimmer has told me, not a problem if started when the tree is young. Everywhere else I read that it is not possible to "train," this tree to stay small, and efforts to do so will harm the tree. Can you address this issue for me? I love the tree, but I'm struggling with this choice. My space is at a corner of my house, and is 20' wide, by 12' deep. Thank you very much!
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A: Here is a good web site that explains how and why or why not this can be done: Depends on how much you wish to spend, how small you want to keep the tree and how good the arborist is at pruning. I suggest you choose a tree that better fits in your landscape. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy