Can Ajuga As Evergreen Ground Cover On Hill Withstand Mowing And Mulching

Question From: A. Demetry - Blairsville, Georgia, United States
Q: Yesterday, I submitted a question concerning using Ajuga as an evergreen ground cover on the slopes of my yard in the mtns of northern GA (zone 6b). I need to mow/mulch this area each Fall due to the smothering of fallen leaves. I asked whether Ajuga could withstand mowing/mulching from October -November. (Note: The steepest parts of the slopes are too difficult for me to safely mow; hence the thought of using ground cover.) Also, we have 6-16 deer grazing twice a day year around. I didn't have photos to send until today. See attached.

A: Ajuga reptans is a hardy and agressive ground cover that grows in sun to part sun. I requires good drainage as it is subject to crown rot. Leaves left in place over the winter would be an issue. If you mow keep the blades as high as possible Deer and rabbits are not attracted to it. Every planting spot is different. Try it and see if it is happy on your hill. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy