Can Forsythia Bushes With Drought Stress Be Saved

Question From: D. Randall - VIRGINIA
Q: I have 2 struggling forsythia bushes, new this past spring. They were only 5 gallon (4 in total) From review of your site, I am going to guess drought stress. Am I able to 'save' them? Literally one over night turned from healthy looking to sad and grey, leaves Mario ish and curled. When I scrape a cane they are green and vibrant still standing in tall but very sad. Thx!

A: Newly planted shrubs should be watered daily for the first two weeks and then 2 to 3 times a week for the next month. A shrub in a 5  gallon pot needs about 2 1/2  gallons of water a week. The soil that surrounds the roots ( the root ball ) should be kept moist at all times, Will yours live? I don't have a crystal ball, Hopefully you didn't fertilize them when planting, You want the plant to focus its energy on growing and establishing roots not putting on new growth.  If the leaves were damaged to the point they no longer produce carbohydrates or the feeder roots dried out and no longer take up the moisture they need the shrubs will not survive. But you never know. Good luck  Nancy