Can Healthy Roses Be Propagated From Michigan Hardy Rose Plant With Rose Rosette Disease

Question From: M. Herschelman - Bridgewater, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, Read your very informative article on Rose Rosette Disease and it confirmed that one of my rose bushes is infected. It appears that only one branch is infected. If I were to take a cutting from a healthy branch and propagate it, would that new plant also be infected? I'm guessing you'll say yes, but hoping you'll say no. The rosebush is one that is hardy for Michigan climates. I bought it from a woman you used to feature in your column. She had a rosebush nursery near Milan. Bottom line is that it's a great rosebush and now that this woman has retired, I've no idea on where to buy a replacement rosebush. This is the first year this rosebush has ever been infected with any disease. So sad that it's Rosette's. Any information you can provide on where I might buy a replacement "Michigan hearty" rosebush would be appreciated. Also, let me know if I would be able to propagate a healthy rosebush from this infected plant.....using a healthy stem. Thank you, Mary

A: Mary, It depends on how long the Rose Rosette Disease has had to become established. Problem is the entire plant may have been infected and just not showing symptoms. If so, any cuttings you take will also be infected. Because it can spread to other roses I do not recommend it, but it's your call. I don't ever remember a rose by the name of "Michigan Hearty", all of Nancy Lindley's roses were "Michigan Hardy". Best Nancy and Happy Yardening.