Can I Use A Soaker Hose Connected To a Garden Hose

Question From: S. Goodwin - Jupiter, Florida, United States
Q: I am in Jupiter, Florida and have new plantings (copperleaf and seagrape hedges), and have a 100' soaker hose connected to a 75' garden hose. Because of the extreme length (75+100'), and my lack of knowledge, I have been operating at full pressure with no deleterious effects... Is my setup OK?

A: If your bushes look good it must be working. It's all about the rate and distribution of water. Many soaker hoses have pressure regulation disks to maintain an appropriate pressure level and if the garden hose does not leak water it would not affect the pressure reaching the soaker hose. So it will come down to whether or not your bushes are getting the right amount of water. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy