Can Rose Bushes Be Severely Pruned In Mid-March

Question From: E. Filpansick - Arlington, Texas, United States
Q: I recently moved into a house with rose bushes that have been sorely neglected for at least four years, and I am wanting to rejuvenate them, but I am totally new to gardening. I noticed that the pruning advice says this pruning should be done at the time of winter pruning. It's mid-March in Texas, and the temperatures are jumping between 45*F and 85*F, and we only got below freezing a couple of times this winter. Is it okay for me to prune them back really far right now? Or do I need to just wait til next winter?

A: You can do it now Emily. When you are finished fertilize them with Espoma Rose Tone and keep them well watered. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy