Can Rosebush Leaf Stems Be Cut Back To the Main Branch After Being Chemically Burned By Miracle Grow Miracid Spray

Question From: e. bailey - Chamberlain, South Dakota, United States
Q: i sprayed my rosebush with miracle gro's miracid & i think i burned the leaves. it looks awful! can i cut the leaf stems back to the main branch& will they grow back out? There seems to be new growth just peeking out there.

A: Yes you can cut the shrub back by one third without harming it. I don't recommend the use of those products for that very reason. They are high in salts and can burn. I do recommend Espoma Rose Tone for side dressing and Neptune's Harvest fish and kelp fertilizer for foliar spray, but never in the sun and never when the temps rise about 85 degrees. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy