Can Shredded Fig Tree Be Used As Vegetable Garden Mulch

Question From: J. Racca - LOUISIANA
Q: A storm came through the other day and broke half of my fig tree. I cut it all up and put the broken fig tree limbs in my tree shredder and ended up with a few bags of mulch. Can I use this fig tree mulch in my vegetable garden? Thank You


Sure can. I'd put it through the shredder again - the finer, the bedder - a play on words. After planting your garden, cover the soil with a quality compost, 1/2 inch will do. I then put down a layer of an inch or so of shedded leaves. Next a layer of newspaper 6 sheets thick and finally the fig wood chips. Your garden will be tucked in and ready to go. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy. PS sorry about the fig.