Can Small Hawthorn Be Overwintered Indoors

Question From: P. Gilkerson - MINNESOTA
Q: My son and daughter-in-law sent me a hawthorn (about 18" tall) for Mother's Day because I write about fairies. It's been on my deck all summer in the sun and did very well there. BUT I live in Minnesota and have brought it in and put it in a sunny window for the winter. I read that it's bad luck to bring them inside, but too bad, it will die outside here. Do you have any guidelines for keeping a hawthorn as a houseplant?


If your plant is bonsai, Hawthorn tree or a small potted tree, it must spend the winter outdoors. It will die if you try to keep it in the house in winter. If it is a bonsai, I suggest you visit a garden center that specializes in these plants and ask their advice as to how overwinter them. A potted tree can be planted outdoors in a protected area and removed from the soil in spring. If the label has a website, go to the website and look for information or a contact number to call for more information. Happy Yardening, Nancy.