Can Tomatoes Be Brought Inside To Keep Them Growing And Produce Fruit

Question From: k. weaver - Petoskey, Michigan, United States
Q: I agree that this year has been a terrible one for growing tomatoes. I planted some seeds from prize heirloom tomatoes last year and I have several plants. Alas, none of them even have blooms as I live in the Petoskey area. Is there anyway I can bring the pots inside and expect them to keep growing?

A: Sorry Karen, Unless you spend big bucks on special lights you can by at Hydroponic stores, your tomatoes will never produce fruit. Not enough light. I always grow the Burpee 4th of July tomato. It's a small early tomato that usually produces tomatoes by the first or second week of July and continues through frost. This year it was the middle of August before they really got going. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy