Canna Leaves Are Turning Brown And Covered With Web Like Substance And Webs Are Spreading To Other Plants

Question From: C. Bowman - Midlothian, Texas, United States
Q: I live in Texas and thought perhaps my cannas were getting too hot because some of the leaves were turning brown. Then I noticed some weren't blooming anymore, it looked like they were already in winter. Then I noticed some of the flowers and some of the brown leaves had almost a web like appearance. Also,I had a small raised garden next to cannas and noticed some webs on them and in a matter of a few days my watermelon, cucumber, broccoli were almost black and crunchy. Please help?

A: Sound like some sort of virus, like downy mildew. Not good. Take some leaf samples ( enclosed in plastic bags) to your local independent garden center or nursery for a more accurate Id. Best Nancy