Caring For Crape Myrtle In Early Spring

Question From: M. Eisenmann - Dunnellon, Florida, United States
Q: Last year I purchased a beautiful dark lavender crape myrtle. It was in bloom at the time. Then the blooms fell off but it was left with small balls on the ends of the branches. I didn't know what to do then so it's still like that. What should I do to it now?

A: Marsha, I live in Michigan and Crape Myrtles are not hardy here. I have three feet of snow covering my garden. I recommend you visit a local nursery or garden center - not a big box, for location specific help. A botanical or public garden is also a good place to get good horticultural information. That being said, the small balls at the ends of the branches are seed pods formed from the previous blooms and nothing need be done about them for the health of the tree. Additionally, you can find information about general Crape Myrtle care on the Yardener website. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.