Carolina Cherry Trees May Have Borers And Bark Is Spotted Black And Cracked In Some Places

Question From: L. West - Henderson, Nevada, United States
Q: I have 3 Carolina cherry trees that are infested with what appears to be some form of borer. We are located in southern Nevada and have been told this tree does very well here. The local nursery recommended treating the trees with Bonide tree and shrubs insect control, which we applied 2 months ago. Should we prune the dead branches and the top of the trees? There appears to be several spots where the bark has turned black and cracked. Sap is weeping from several areas also. These trees are over 5 years old and I love them, but I’m afraid they may be too far gone. Is there any hope they will survive this infestation?

A: I can't answer that question for you. I suggest you have then inspected by a certified arborist who is better equipped to deal with the tree's issue. The peeling bark and weeping may well be caused from disease. To find a professional in your area go to and enter your zipcode. Thanks for visiting Best Nancy