Cascading Spirea Does Not Cascade

Question From: N. Wiedrich - Wakonda, South Dakota, United States
Q: My bushes are certainly white spirea and beautifully healthy, but unlike the ones across the street, don't seem to cascade, branches don't bend much. Do we have a different bush than the cascading spirea or is our yearly trimming keeping them from doing so? They are at least 6 feet tall and begin to block our view from the window, so we shape and trim them. Thank you for your advice.

A: Pruning is the culprit. It should be pruned after they bloom. It can be cut back hard every other year, which should allow it to grow and regain it's natural growth habit. Also, don't over fertilize. Plant Tone by Espoma every other year is plenty. These plants are not meant to be shaped. You may also take out 1/3 of the old growth out every year to help control the height. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.