Cedar Trees Turning Rust Brown In Center After Heavy Wet Snowfall

Question From: S. Bennett - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Q: Calgary Alberta Canada recently (September) had a very heavy wet snowfall. Many deciduous trees in the city were severely broken. My issue is my 4 lovely 12-15 foot cedars that have been great for 15 years. Some of the larger trunks were bent down but not broken. We propped them up for a few days. They are straight now but most have suddenly begun to turn rust brown from centre out and have never done before. I did also put in fertilizer spikes this summer for the first time. Could this be the end or could they recover? If I cut off the brown there wouldn't be alot left.

A: They should straighten and be fine. Cedars loose needles at the center of the shrub. You may not have noticed this until they bent down. I'd leave them intact and see how they look next spring. I am not a fan of fertilizer spikes. I use organic fertilizers such asEspoma Holly Tone sprinkled on the surface of the mulch around the shrubs in very late fall or early spring. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.