Chemical Free And Natural Carpenter Ant Control

Question From: K. Fishella - Tinley Park, Illinois, United States
Q: I am having a problem with carpenter ants. I have a cat and two dogs, so I don't want to call exterminators because of chemicals being carried into my house on our shoes. Almost every day I find a carpenter ant or two in my house. Can you, please, advise on chemical-free carpenter ant control? I have sprayed the peremiter of my house with chemical pesticide four times already this year. I have a little leaf linden on my parkway, and I have noticed carpenter ants on the tree trunk. I live in a residential area with no wooded areas near my home.

A: Karen, I have no experience with carpenter ants. If you Google "how to get rid of carpenter ants naturally" you'll get lots of websites to peruse. Here's an article that I found that has good information on Carpenter Ants and how to get rid of them: - it recommends diatomaceous earth (chemical free) and boric acid as natural treatments. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy