Cherry Tree Leaves Are Being Eaten

Question From: Coal City, Illinois, United States
Q: What is happening with my Double weeping higan Cherry tree. I just noticed all the leaves are being eaten away or something. All the edges are gone. Looks in some places where someone took a single paper punch and just did straight lines of punches. The leaf itself is a beautiful dark green no sign of stress, no aphids or any visible sign of bugs. We recently had a devastating tornado lost all our big trees but this one made it though. I didnt look at it up close until recently was just glad it made it. Its been a month since the tornado could this be what caused the leaves to look like this? Is the tree in danger? If so what can I do to save it. Oh yes another important factor we have had record rains this year. 11 inches in June and probably the same for this month it's in sandy soil so good drainage. Any help would be appreciated. This is my only tree I have left and I had just bought it this spring. Thanks Kathy
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A: Kathy, something is eating the leaves of your tree. I recommend you have all your trees checked out by a certified arborist. The larger trees may have suffered stress cracks or other damage you are unable to see. To find one in your area go to and enter your zip code. Best, Nancy