China Girl Holly Foliage Yellow And Thinning

Question From: A. Vonderahe - OHIO
Q: With reguard to china girl holly... I have one plant in the middle of a group of five that has yellowing, thinning foliage exposing more stem than normal. The other four plants are healthy. In fact the entire landscape planting around the house supports very healthy plants. I just wondered if there is some kind of common problem to chinese hollies that occurs without obvious evidence of insect or disease symtoms.


If the other four are China Girls and are thriving,I'm stumped. Holly's prefer acid soil and will become chlorotic ( leaves yellow ) from lack of iron - it becomes tied up in the soil.Or you may have a male plant. They are not as attractive - spindly growth. and may be losing old leaves. All hollies do this over time. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.