Clematis Grows Well But Does Not Flower Even Though Surrounded By Other Very Actively Flowering Plants

Question From: J. Graczyk - Bay City, Michigan, United States
Q: Hello Nancy, I planted a clematis 7 yrs ago. I planted it next to a fence and the down spout. The water does not flush out any where near the roots. It flowered beautifully the first year. In the last 6 yrs I have maybe 2 flowers but plenty of green leaves and vines running everywhere. I have 6 others that are doing fab. This one I believe is a niobe but because it gets plenty of sun, it is more like a light fushia then it is red. Everything else planted in that same area is like on steroids and flowers beautifully. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A: Plants usually fail to flower from either lack of sun or too much nitrogen fertilizer. The fact that everything else is "like on steroids in that area" makes me think that might be the problem. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy