Clematis Suddenly Stopped Growing And Looks Like It Is Dying

Question From: Z. Thompson - Dewsbury, , United Kingdom
Q: I have a clematis that has all of a sudden stopped growing and looks like it is going to die. I know nothing about gardening but I grew this from a tiny plant and it us now huge so I am upset to see it wilting. On some of the leaves are black things, not sure what and the roots look to be going black.... Any ideas?

A: It probably has clematis wilt. Cut it to the ground using sharp pruners. Clean the blades with a bleach solution after each cut. ( one part bleach to 9 parts ). Clean up all plant material and dispose of it in the trash. Be sure to keep soil moist. When soil temperatures reach 55 degree fertilize the plant with an organic fertilizer - I prefer fish and kelp by Neptune's Harvest. Do so monthly through mid-July As the plant grows remove and discolored stems. Good Luck and Happy Yardening.