Climbing Rose Bush Leaves Get Tan Colored Blotches Then Disappear Leaving Only Veins And Outsides And Something Is Eating My Beets

Question From: Redford Charter Township, Michigan, United States
Q: My climbing rose bushed have tan colored blotches on the leaves and then the entire leaf is gone just the veins and out side is left. I have sprayed for bugs but it has not worked and also we have had a lot of rain Help! Also some thing is eating my beets and kohlrabi plants - can this be cutworms?

A: Sounds like your rose has saw fly larvae. The are on the undersides of the leaves and you must spray the bottoms to get rid of them. Cut worms literaly cut the plants down at the base. If you have holes in the leaves you have slugs. Sluggo or Snail and Slug Killer or Slug Magic will work. And it's safe to use on edibles. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy