Climbing Rose Has Only Two Canes And Blooms Are Only At Tops Of The Canes

Question From: Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Q: I have a climbing rose that is located in part shade. It has two long canes which bloom nicely every early summer. However the blooms are only on top and the canes are bare. I have cut it way down in fall and the following spring again only two canes appeared. How can I get it to be more bushy?

A: Gabriela, if you cut the two canes back to 4 inches or so in early spring it should stimulate more basal breaks. As the cane grow bend them so they are serpentine and this will stimulate basal breaks along the branches and roses along the stems rather then just at the ends. Lack of sun will also reduce the amount of flowers the plant produces. so that may also be an issue. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy