Climbing Rose Only Blooms On Ends

Question From: j. harris - INDIANA
Q: Hi Nancy, my 2nd year golden shower yellow climbing rose only bloomed on the ends last year. I planted to bushes, about 3 feet apart and the smaller one's canes are mostly black. I winterized both plants, but I fear the smaller one is all but dead....can you please advise? the other one was strong with long canes and several blooms (mostly at the top too), however the smaller one did not bloom at all last year. Thank you!!

A: Climbers need to be pruned to encourage flowering. If you train them on a wide trellis or a wall where the canes can be tied to grow horizontally you will get many more blooms. Google how to train climbing roses of increase bloom on U Tube. I would also fertilize your Roses with an organic fertilizer such as Espoma Rose Tone. Be sure to keep them well watered. After they start blooming give them an occassional foliar feed with a fish emulsion and dead head spent blooms. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy