Comment On Visiting Dubai

Question From: Farmington, Michigan, United States
Q: Not a question, but a suggestion. I read your column in Homestyle every week. Last week you made a comment about Dubai being the hottest city on Earth, and with high humidity. While both of these are certainly true, you ought to leave it on your bucket list. I had a project there in 2008 and went there in December. The temperature was in the mid-70s during the day and the high 60s in the evening. And at that time of the year the humidity is not bad either. It's all about timing. The same as you wouldn't want to go to India during the monsoon seasons, you don't go to Dubai in the mid-summer. Enjoy your trip - it's definitely worth it. I still smile when I think about wtaching the kids playing and skiing down the snow mountain with their mothers in their black burkhas and boots underneath heavy winter coats talking and watching their children.

A: Thanks for the tip Jim. I understand flying Air Dubai, especially first class is a real experience. Now if I could just win the lottery. Hoping to tour a bit of Greece in 2019. Best Nancy