Compact Spirea For Morning Sun And Afternoon Shade In Zone 8 Or 9

Question From: c. brough - TEXAS
Q: Nancy: is there a compact spirea (2-3 feet tall and wide, red or white blooms preferably) that will grow in morning sun and afternoon shade in the heat of Zone 8 or Zone 9? My soil is sandy but is amended with organic matter and mulched well. Thanks!


'Snowmound' would work size-wise and color-wise - it flowers white. The heat zone is 8, so if you keep it watered it should be okay. Problem is all spireas like full sun - 6 hours or more, so you might be short changed on the blooms. Checkout Itea 'Little Henry'. It had wonderful fall color, white blooms and will grow well in part shade. Happy Yardening, Nancy