Could Cedar Mulch Be Causing Perennial Annual And Vegetable Growth Problems In Garden

Question From: I. Haddock - MICHIGAN
Q: Dear Nancy, This year has been challenging with the deer, rabbits, and squirrels invasion, but something else is going on. Many of my perennial and annual plants appear stunted and yellowed. I’ve attached a few pictures. My tomato and cucumber plants are spindly and almost non productive. My question for you is this: could my mulch be causing this? I’ve used a cedar blend from English Gardens for years and haven’t noticed a problem. If it is the cedar blend, how can I amend this?

A: The problem is weather related not the much. An extended cold damp spring followed by 90 degree temps has stressed plants. I would spread a half inch of good compost such as OrganiMax on the surface of the soil after planting and then spread the mulch, We use ground compost tub yard waste bought by the yard. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.