Crabapple Tree Bark Is Curling Up And Has Green Moss And Leaves Turn Yellow And Fall Off All Year

Question From: T. McGrath - Rochester, New York, United States
Q: My crabapple does not flower, has green moss on the bark, the bark is curling up and shrinking, the leaves are falling early in the fall (late Sept, before any other trees), I have dead limbs, there is a grey mold growing and it on produces fruit on one side and the leaves turn yellow and fall off all year. Any ideas? it is on the south side of the house, 25ft. out on the lawn, full sun

A: Sounds like a mess. Older varieties of crabs are vulnerable to a variety of diseases such as scab, fire blight, and cankers. Your tree may have more then one. Weather stress further weakens these trees and even if treated, the trees go slowly down hill.  I suggest you remove the tree and replace it with a new tree that is less vulnerable diseases and winter kill. Check with the city forester of Rochester for recommendations of varieties that will work best in your area.  Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy