Crabapple Tree Has Wilted Black Leaves And Blooms Have Fallen Off

Question From: Chester, Virginia, United States
Q: I live in Virginia and have a crapapple tree in my front yard. I have a scrub and lawn service for my trees and scrubs. I notice that my crapapple tree has wilted black leaves and all of the blooms have fallen off of it. Some of the branches looks dead. The tree looks like it is dying. The technician came by to look at this tree and recommend that we should pull up the crapapple tree and replace it. He suppose to be spraying for insects and maintaining the tree. Could you give me some advice of what may have happen and what to do next?

A: Crabapples are prone to a variety of diseases and are short lived trees. Could be a combination of problems. Many were also stressed by tough winter weather. I would replace the tree. Do a bit of detective work by visiting several websites that will recommend trees for your area. Google recommended trees for Virginia and you will find many websites. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy