Creeping Juniper Has Lots Of Die Back And Brown Branches

Question From: P. Fisher - Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States
Q: I have a creeping Juniper planted in a semi-circle out from and around a dwarf weeping maple. Planted at least 3 decades ago. Both have done well over the years. The creeping Juniper has had (usually after a Connecticut winter) had some die-back on the tips of some branches which turn brown. I've always just cut them off and with good weather have had no problem. In June 2016, though, the die-back got going and expanded so much the whole Juniper looks effective & aesthetically bad. I don't want to lose it but there is more brown than I've ever seen & it's expanding. Is this a blight or fungus? How can it be treated effectively?

A: It's probably Phomopsis blight, a fungal disease. Take a sample and photos to your local independent garden center for a more accurate Id and recommendation. Spidermite or other insects may also be an issue. Do keep the shrub well watered in hot, dry weather. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy